Finished blanket – Choosing an edge

I showed you the finished body of my ‘sea and sand’ ripple blanket. body of 'sea and sand' ripple blanketThen there was the edging to create.

When I made the multi-coloured snuggle blanket coloured ripples blanketI just wanted one that would not upstage the body of the blanket blanket edgeand chose one from this book,Borders bookUsing fairly neutral colours.

But for my other blankets I worked up my own edging to fit in with the theme of the blanket.

So for the “Cottage Garden” blanket CAL blanket on the bedI made one that looked like leaves. CAL blanket edgingFor the “Spectrum” blanket Spectrum blanketAs you can see I just repeated all the colours in rows so as to create a rainbow round the edge.

And for the previous “sea and sand” blanket. Completed sea and sand blanketI used a very simple ripply edge. closer look at edgingTo continue the ripply design of the blanket.

With granny blankets I like to make the first row using trebles (US – dcs) continuing the pattern along the top and bottom and using groups along the side, so as to form a uniform basis for subsequent rows.

I decided with this latest blanket to use one of the brownish coloured yarns from the blanket for this as a neutral background against which the main body of the blanket would stand out. However this soon evolved into the idea of using the ‘camel colour to represent dry sand and the ‘mocha’ colour, wet sand First two rows of edgethen to surround with a row of white for sea foam. white row addedI chose to use htrs (US- hdcs) here as dcs might get lost. I also decided to turn over the blanket to work this so as not to have a ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ side.

I had already decided, that as the first and last rows were ‘royal’ and ‘aspen’ respectively, it might be a good idea to incorporate these into the border to tie the whole thing together and so I finished off with using both in a way that gives a slightly corded look. This is the waves of the sea.corded final row

This pattern is actually part of a border in the book I showed you above, though I would not have recognised it.

Here is the border turned over so you can see how similar they are. corded edge other way up

I rather like the corded look and had used ‘crab stitch’ crab stitch edging

to edge my first ‘hexagon’ blanket.

Hexagon blanket

Next week I will give you a final update on the whole of my finished ‘sea and sand’ blanket.


7 thoughts on “Finished blanket – Choosing an edge

  1. Love your Cottage Garden border! I have used the crab stitch on a couple borders. I especially like using it on blankets for boys as it is interesting, but not girly. Plus, who would think it would be so simple yet so pretty? Can’t wait to see the full picture of this blanket!

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