Making a replacement (& some food!)

In the early days of this blog, I discovered mug cosies or as I called it then (cup capes!) and made one for my glass breakfast mug that I use for green tea. Seen here tried out on two different mugs.

After about five and a half years of use, it is looking a bit sorry for itself

So I decided it was time to make a new one.

I had been wondering what to use the rest of my aran weight cotton yarn for because I had bought it to make the hot pads  but couldn’t see much point in making more.

Of course I had bought the purple as well just to complete the set!

So here is my new mug cosy on the mug. I used linen stitch this time.

Last week I also made a couple of things with filo pastry.

On one of the blogs I read (can’t remember which one), I heard about a spinach and cheese pie. Since it contained spinach, feta and ricotta cheeses, all of which I like, I thought it might be fun to try and make one.

I looked at a few recipes on line and worked out how much I would need for a one person pie. It also needed filo pastry, so I bought a pack.

So here it is, as I had it with some green beans. It was very rich and maybe a bit heavy on the stomach but enjoyable, none the less.

But now of course I had lots of filo pastry left over. So I decided to make some baklava. I had several recipes but in the end I decided to try the ‘baklava cigars’ recipe in my Lebanese cookbook. You were supposed to sprinkle them with chopped almond and cinnamon but I left that out as I thought it would be pretty but make them messier to eat.

And no! I didn’t eat them all myself. I gave a few to my son.

14 thoughts on “Making a replacement (& some food!)

    1. Right! I could have looked it up but knew it was from someone I’ve followed for a long time. Glad you wrote about it. Must make it again some time. With quantities, I realised I should have made three and frozen two.


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