A day in Chichester

Chichester stationLast Autumn I spent a day in Chichester. At the time I had so much photography to share, with my garden and the Photo Challenge, that I didn’t find a space to share my outing, though I have shared a few of the photographs in other contexts.

In the morning when I arrived I wandered around the town and saw the market cross. market crossA most ornate structure.

Quite soon I decided that it was time for a drink and a bit of sustenance so I found a café. The ButteryThis is called ‘The Buttery’ and had architecture that made it a little different to your normal café.

Unfortunately they were short staffed that day and by the time I received my coffee and scone I was wondering whether to leave and try somewhere else. Coffee and a sconeBeyond the market cross there was a street with some market stalls marketand lots of bunting!

As you can see it was a rather overcast day, though luckily it stayed dry.

My main reason for coming to Chichester was to visit the cathedral so that is where I went next.

Here is a splendid statue of St Richard of Chichester outside the cathedral. statue of St Rchard of ChichesterInside there was a temporary art installation by the famous artist and sculptor, Ana Maria Pacheco. Art instalation

The installation was called “Shadows of the Wanderer” and images the story of Aeneas, who carried his father Anchises away from the ruins of Troy. However it is also designed to remind us of the struggles of refugees fleeing from so many trouble spots today.
The above photograph is not very good but I thought that I should include it to give you an idea of the total installation.
I was more interested in taking photographs of some of the individual figures.
This one I labelled “Scary”.  SculptureThis one “Beautiful” Sculptureand this one “Courage”. SculptureI then moved on to look around the rest of the cathedral.
Of course I had to go  and look at the Piper tapestry Piper tapestrythat I remembered so vividly from my first visit so many years ago.
Here is a closer look. Piper tapestry closer viewFurther back behind here there was another striking tapestry. anglo-german tapestryAn anglo-german creation.
There was a lot of stained glass in the cathedral but having limited time I just took some photographs of the Chagal window as I am so very fond of Chagal. Chagal windowThere was an interesting piece of roman mosaic that had been uncovered. Roman mosaicAnd to give you just a  glimpse of the cathedral as a whole. Long view back down cathedral
I liked this piece of ceiling. ceilingI had bought a snack to eat for lunch and I then went to the Bishop’s Gardens to eat it. Bishop's gardens
Taking this photograph of the Cathedral spire on the way. Cathedral spire seen through trees
 I have already  shared the photographs of bees that I took. Such as this one. bee on sedumBut I also was struck by this rudbeckia. rudbeckiaVery obviously autumn! with both the sedum and the rundbeckia.
By now the sun was beginning to come out and I managed to get another picture of the spire against a blue sky spire against blue skyas I went back to the main part of town. archwayI hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of what Chichester has to offer. It is my general intention to go back some time and explore further.


3 thoughts on “A day in Chichester

  1. Thank you for sharing your day in Chichester. Having been there myself this summer it was great to see a different art installation, and I missed the ceilin gin your second picture of ceilings. How did I manage that?

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