Photo Challenge – Fold

As an aside, saw orthopaedic doctor on Tuesday and he said that he didn’t think I had actually broken any bones, just soft tissue damage, so he took off the splint and said I could gradually return to normal over next two weeks or so. A little gentle knitting and crochet seems to be possible, so not long before I can be completing some more things.

Now ‘Fold’.

One from the archives – this is a photograph of an origami angel I made as a try out for some Christmas cards last year. Just four extra ones as I had run out of time to make more crochet ones. I do like the idea of angels, especially guardian angels, expressing the thought that we are loved and protected.

In the Talmud it was said that every blade of grass had an angel watching over it!

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Fold

  1. Your Guardain Angel has been looking after your arm. I too like the idea of angels and in my mind they are closely related to fairies! I have a Guardian Angel called Robert who is a leather-clad biker with loads of tattoos and piercings and he looks after me on the roads! 😉

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