Photo Challenge – Favourite

Now when I was about five or six I would lie in bed at night and work out what was my favourite flower, tree, bird, animal, …………. because I felt that it helped me understand the sort of person that I was. However I have not played those sort of games for a long, long time and have come to appreciate the amazing variety that life offers. After all, although blue is my designated ‘favourite colour’, I am a Rainbow Junkie after all and even if you say ‘blue’ which shade of blue?

However I did realise that over the years I have often had a favourite mug. Of course favourite mugs don’t stay favourite for ever; they get knocked against the tap or the handles fall off!

I do have an awful lot of mugs but when I began to think of favourites I realised that at present I have two sets of mugs that are a bit special. One was a set of china mugs that I bought in Salisbury market which have a theme of teddy bears. There are the ‘breakfast bears’, ‘teatime bears’ and ‘bedtime bear’s, and also ‘playtime bears’ and ‘musical bears’. More recently I have bought the latest Disney ‘original Pooh’ mugs.

In both of these sets, although I like them all I do have a favourite.

So here is a photograph of those two favourites. And as an aside: my favourite shade of blue is probably somewhere in this photograph.

7 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Favourite

  1. Cuddle mugs! I too have favourite mugs, and like Cathy they suit different drinks at different times of day. Perhaps ‘mug’ would be a good subject for next year’s list, then we can see some more of your teddy collection.

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      1. Aaah! We all have our special mugs for different times of the day – that’s so cute – p’raps tiz a Granny/Nana thing. I’ve got this image now of the three of us sitting in a row on a sofa in our jim-jams and slippers cradling our steaming mugs. 🙂

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