One a week Photo Challenge – Lost

This is the third of the photographs I talked about taking.

This one taken on the way home from the Common.

Photo Challenge - Lost

I did later find a similar poster not far from my home but I thought the very fact that this poster is a bit worse for wear added to the poignancy.

8 thoughts on “One a week Photo Challenge – Lost

  1. Oh gosh yes! So poignant. We lost our cat called Squeak back in the late 80s and my daughter then aged about 8 wrote a note which we posted around the town. A lovely family not far from our house had her and we could go and get her – much relief all round. Great entry.

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  2. I hope Tiger was found. Once when we moved the previuos owners lost their cat on moving day, she never returned. Five months later they posted pics round the village and in hourse she turned up at our house, and she had the very obvious sign of having been recently spade. Her slaves were delighted whne I phoned. On a sadder note I had the misfortune of seeing a dead cat in a grass verge and asked around to no avail. A week later notices appeared and I had to break the sad news.


    1. Yes we often have such notices up round here – lots of cats! I often wonder if the cats have been found because I am not sure if people always take the notices down when the cat turns up. I know I did when we lost out cat.


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