Flower portraits

I find it hard to take good photographs of my flower beds but I do love taking close ups of individual flowers, so I am going to share a few flower ‘portraits’ of some of the current flowers in my garden.

First some landscape portraits in alphabetical order

Allium (this is the Cristophe variety)AlliumThen one of the Clematis, (This is called Lemon Dream.)ClematisLily of the Valley. Lily of the ValleyA Pansy (sold last Autumn as winter pansies.) PansyAnd a Wallflower (also bought last Autumn). WallflowerAnd now a couple of square ones

Apple blossom in full flower. Apple blossomLithodora Diffusa (This variety is called Grace Ward.)Lithodora Diffusa (Grace Ward)Though if anything I prefer the one called ‘Heavenly Blue’ which I also have. Lithodora Diffusa (Heavenly Blue)A slightly more turquoise shade of blue!

And a pansy’s face close up.

10 thoughts on “Flower portraits

  1. Love Macro flower shots – like stepping into another world. You have revamped your blog – a Spring-clean?! I like your list of ‘Pages’, that will make it easier to find things. Fascinating cover picture.
    I’ve been having trouble with WordPress, I can’t access any of the working buttons without going through WP Admin, it’s a pain. Have you had any similar issues?

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    1. I decided to use WordPress’s latest offering just for a change. I haven’t actually added anything I didn’t have before. Just rearranged things a bit and removed the list of followers since most of them don’t post anymore. I have tried to include a whole variety of ways to find things.
      I am not sure what you mean about the buttons. I use the WP Admin a lot anyway. If you want to explain more fully in an email. I’ll see if I get the same.

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