One a week Photo Challenge – Spiral

Finding it hard to find time to join in with this years Photo Challenge but here are a couple of photographs on the subject of ‘spiral’.

Not the best photograph maybe but then we were in process of going down the stairs and not meant to be stopping! The better spiral one though.There was a mirror in the centre at the bottom.

This is the one I shared as part of my Danube trip. Same staircase looking up rather than down. Perhaps you can see how that creates the reflection in the previous photograph.

I myself am rather partial to multiple spirals. Like this bedcover my mother made for me. And the cloth I made for my dining table. Snowflake cloth


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Rainbow Junkie

I am a retired mother of three and grandmother of five. I mostly knit and crochet while I watch television. I also love cooking and have dabbled in various other crafty things. I am crazy about: Rainbows, Butterflies, Flowers, Bees, Honey, Hexagons, Snowflakes, Symmetry, Mathematics and Dragons

14 thoughts on “One a week Photo Challenge – Spiral”

  1. A spiral daily I crocheted years ago was always my favorite because I love spirals. Maybe I will enter this contest after finding more about it and how much time there is. Love that staircase and mirror trick. Really beautiful. Thanks. Love your rainbow emails too.

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  2. And yes I love the seahorses but have not made any yet. But I will. I love a lot of your work. Stay busy and happy. I am looking forward to whatever you show me next. Thanks again.

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  3. So many wonderful choices to appreciate here, all quite spectacular. The homemade bedspread and table cover, just incredible! And I’m not sure that most people get to actually see a spiral staircase, never mind one so impressive and ornate. I even notice another spiral in the suggested related reading at the end of your post, the romanesco broccoli.

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