Monthly Montage January

I suddenly realised that here it was March and I hadn’t done a Monthly Montage for January or February.

So here at least is January’s.

In January I was able to show you the Womble and little bear I had made as Christmas presents. I also did a review of my more recent offerings for Monochrome Madness and the knitting & crochet and other crafting I had done in 2016. January MontageI told you that I was only planning to post once a week in order to leave more time for other things but managed to finish my temperature scarf and a fair isle cowl.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Montage January

  1. I love your pattern for the Celtic coasters. Do you (or others) have a recommendation as to how to increase the size to that of a placemat? If you or anyone else could explain how you came up with the pattern I could work on expanding the size.
    Thank you for posting all your beautiful patterns!

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    1. If you look at this my original post – you will see how I build up plaitwork patterns on squared paper or computer. On this post – I explain how I decided that using three trebles for a crossing rather than four gave a firmer fabric. All the details given was so people like you could work up their own patterns. So I am delighted that you want to look into making place mats. Just as a thought: you might consider making strips two trebles (UK) wide for a placemat so you need less strips. But that would mean a bit more maths. Would love to see anything you create.


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