New Year’s Resolution

Firstly “A Happy New Year to all my followers old and new!”

Now I don’t normally make New Year resolutions because if I decide that there is something in my life that needs to be changed and which needs some sort of resolution to back it up, I make it straightaway whatever time of year it is.

However this time the resolution occurs exactly at New Year time.

The resolution is to generally post on my blog only once a week.

There have only been two occasions in the past when I have felt obliged to write a post twice a week and that was when I was taking part in the CAL which resulted in this blanket CAL blanket on the bedand this last year taking part in the Photo Challenge. 0424-Photo ChallengeNow I don’t regret either of these things as they were great fun and were a chance to interact with other people but they have created a great sense of pressure and I would like to be more relaxed and have time for doing frivolous things like playing video games.

My 3DS has been rather neglected this last year but I have bought two new games for it 0543-two-gamesand hope to buy ‘Poochy and Yoshi’s Wooly World’ after it comes out for the 3DS.

This a photo of the game for the WiiU. 0543-yoshi-game-for-wiiu(I’m sure Nintendo won’t mind me copying their photograph and advertising it!)

I expect you can see why it appeals!

So don’t be surprised to see less posts. They will continue to be about the same sort of things as in the past.


15 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolution

  1. My husband built our first home computer in 1978. I spent one night playing the most ridiculous game ever and realized how addictive they could be and decided there and then not to get into gaming. The only exception was in the 80s when our then only two sons got measles one after the other. To keep them entertained I played Black Cauldron on the computer. That is all!

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    1. As an aside just realised that you dropped off my ‘followed’ list, must be sometime in the middle of December. I think this has happened with someone else before. Not sure why but I will be refollowing you!


  2. I have also fallen into the video gaming world. My preference is for MMORPG’s, thanks to the kid. He wanted to play Star Wars: The Old Republic when he was in high school. Since it was online and with random players, I insisted I be given two character slots on his account so I could play and make sure it was appropriate. Now he’s in college studying comp sci with an eye on video game design, we moved on to Guild Wars 2, and I’ve bought a gaming mouse, mousepad, and headphones with mic. Dang those kids for inflicting more hobbies onto us!

    On a side note, my parents who refused to let us own an Atari or hang out at the video game arcade, bought my son his first video game in the form of a Game Boy when he was about 10. Amazing how the rules change for grandkids!

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    1. I am a bit to shy and lacking in confidence to play MMORPGs (I looked it up) but good for you! I started playing text adventures games cooperatively with my children and moved on to more visual versions later. These are still my favourite type of game but my son got into platformers and racing games among others and so encouraged me to play them. I have also played and created simple RPGs. These days though I do like sitting comfortably on the sofa with my 3DS rather than at my computer, though the big screen does give a great experience. Interesting to hear about your son and how parents change when they become grandparents. I think mine did too.

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      1. I have found the secret to MMORPG’s is to stay out of the hypercompetitive modes (ranked PVP and raids) and find a group/guild that is low key and low drama. My current one is fantastic, and everyone is good about helping us slow learners. Guild Wars 2 is the most beautiful game I’ve ever seen, and I enjoy just wandering around. I also received Clockwork Empires from the kid for Christmas–sadly my aging PC needs a new video card to play it. It’s probably more your style–a steampunk colony builder/strategy game. There are videos on YouTube–it looks quite fun.

        I am HORRIBLE at racing games–my son let me play his when he wanted the comic relief. Spent half my time stuck in a wall. The other half doing doughnuts–not on purpose.

        My parents definitely changed with grandkids. My sister had kids first, and the dh and I could tell the difference when it was just us visiting, or when sis’ family was there too. Now everyone has kids, so it’s full on grandparent mode–lol.

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        1. My daughter and family used to play an on-line game called “Puzzle Pirates” which I suspect would be more my sort of game. I don’t mind killing the fantasy non-human monsters in Nintendo games but otherwise don’t like anything that involves killing. (In the RPGs I put together the enemies were bees or bears and such like.)


  3. Oh, wow, I wasn’t expecting to see a Zero Escape game on a crochet blog! (I’m wrapping up a set of Celtic coasters and came to check the color image of the assembly process again — should be posting finished project photos on Ravelry soon.) I really enjoyed 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward and one of these days I’ll get off my duff and buy/play Zero Time Dilemma, the third in the series, which came out last year. Will warn you that VLR ends on quite a cliffhanger (when I finished it, we didn’t even know if the third game would ever be made, otherwise I’d have jumped on ZTD immediately).

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    1. Interesting to hear more about these games. I bought it for the escape part as much as the novel part as adventure games with no time restraint seem rare these days and I had played escape games with my granddaughter on my tablet. However I am enjoying the puzzles of the escape sections but finding the abundance of bodies and bad language a bit depressing so I am not sure if I will be trying the next one even if the end is a cliff hanger. I thought 24 different endings was a lot but I think I was expecting some philosophical reflection on the interaction between trust and betrayal. Only achieved about four of the endings so far.


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