Photo Challenge – Music

As music is something one hears rather than sees I wasn’t sure at first what to do here but in the end I decided on this. photo-challenge1651-musicThese are a tape and CDs that my son has made for me over the years of him playing the piano.

I am very proud of my son because, from xylophone to mini keyboard to bigger keyboards to piano he taught himself to play.

When he went to university I missed his playing. We had a proper piano now. We had bought it cheaply but it had a lovely tone.

Photo copied (and stretched to proper dimensions) from CD cover

So he put a microphone on the piano and made the ‘Decimations’ tape. Later with an electronic piano

Electronic piano in his Council flat because other was too big to move

it was easier because you could use line out and he made me CDs for various occasions.

The Greatest Hits Vol 1 is actually a compilation I made of my favourites from the “Decimations”, “When I’m 62” and “Mother’s Day 2007” CDs. Michael then went off and replayed all the pieces (plus a couple of extra ones) and made the similar looking CD you can see below it! (I made the covers for these two.)

The DVD case contains three (and now four) CDs of different sorts of music! My latest gift. And the “When I’m 62” CD didn’t work anymore and it was one of my favourites so he made me a new copy! So happy.

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