Summer time!

Just an update on my temperature scarf.

Sorry that the colours are not totally acurate. I don’t think digital cameras are worse than film cameras in this respect but I have great difficulty adjusting the photographs to get some colours correct.

This is June, July, August. 0522-june-to-augustNow some people have said to me that they don’t feel they have had a summer this year and I have to admit that June was disappointing as you could never be sure it wasn’t going to rain for pretty much the whole month but July and August were sunny and not too hot. ( I can’t stand too much heat these days.) This means that I never got to use any red as the highest temperatures were mainly a couple of hours after noon, and as I said it wasn’t as hot a summer as I feel we have had recently or in 1975 & 6.

You can see the orange stripe in July that was our mini heat-wave! (the day I went to Christchurch) and we had a hottish spell in late August too.

In recent years I have felt as if Autumn began in August: a nip in the air and the ‘autumn’ smell but not this year and even now it is not really cold in the middle of the day if the sun is out. (Not withstanding that coats and jumpers are needed.)

Here is June to September. You can see the blue coming back that indicates a drop in temperature. 0522-june-to-septemberCompare to March and April0487-March and AprilAnd January and February 0487-January and February

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