Photo Challenge – Zig-zag

Not the best year for trying to do this Photo Challenge.

Having spent so much of it organising new paving for the back garden I am at present in the middle of having a new boiler and having a cold! So although I did have some other ideas I am sticking with the easy ‘to hand’ idea. photo-challenge1643-zig-zagBefore I created my ‘Granny Ripple’ pattern. I worked on the above which did not satisy me as I decided that it was a more a ‘granny zig-zag’ than a ripple! Just a sampler that I have kept as I do with all my samplers.

I notice that this was before I discovered Stylecraft yarn and was using Robin.

A similar colour sequence to my Granny Circle

Granny circle
Granny circle

11 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Zig-zag

  1. I love zigzag pattern, perfect for this week. Mine is rubbish , just wait and see. Good luck with the boiler. We had ours replaced this year too and it was much easier than we anticipated. Hope you feel better soon, colds are horrible. I had one at the start of the month! Take care.

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    1. Thanks for your good wishes. Boiler was bit more complicated than I had expected as I also need a new programmer but it will be great to know it is not going to suddenly fail in January. I think cold got bad with being cold on Thursday when boiler was fitted!!


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