Beer and Buses

I have a few more posts ready to be created that I could have shared with you but I decided to share what I was doing last Saturday as I was pleasantly surprised that the photographs I had taken, mostly in a hurry, weren’t too bad.

I went with my daughter and family to the Isle of Wight for the first day of the “Isle of Wight Classic Buses, Beer (& Walks) Weekend”.

My son-in-law is a member of CAMRA’s National Executive and my daughter loves all sorts of buses and trams so it was an event to please everyone.

When we took the Red-Jet from Southampton the weather looked dark and cloudy but it had cheered up by the time we got to Newport.

There were several bus routes which (if you know the Isle of Wight) were all as one might expect centred around Newport. 0520-buses-at-newportI took a photograph of this red Routemaster bus that is the classic London bus 0520-red-london-busand a row of buses.0520-a-row-of-buses I also took some green ones. 0520-a-row-of-green-busesThe one on the left being the Green Line Routemaster bus I remember from my childhood.

I also photographed an open top bus. 0520-open-top-busWe rode on two open top buses. This was taken while sitting on the first one. 0520-on-top-of-a-busIt rained while we were on the second one but luckily the seats were dry when we got on!

When we had arrived in Ryde we had had our first beer. 0520-the-king-luddAnd later bought some fish and chips and sat to eat them looking at the sea and the great long pier. 0520-a-long-pierLater after our trip on the open top bus we had another beer. 0520-yar-bridge-innThis pub had music in the marquee (very loud!).

Unfortunately by the time we reached out third pub in Shanklin it was raining quite heavily.

Though I did take my camera out as we waited for our last bus to photograph a rainbow. 0520-rainbow-and-sky-onlyWhere is a cornfield when you need one!

A rainbow isn’t quite as romantic over houses. 0520-rainbow-with-houses

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