The Evolution of a Wave

0515-000-wave-sign I love photographing water and, although I would like to try long exposure photographs of water if only I could find the time, I really like taking photographs that capture the moment.

I had a wonderful chance a couple of weeks ago of photographing the sea at Seaton. I am always trying to capture the perfect wave photograph but find it so hard. However this time the sea was quite rough and so I could see the waves forming and I took loads of photographs. 0515-001-rough-sea

These are just some of them.

These first two are more for the beauty of sky and sea. A translucent wave 0515-002-wavesand a breaking one. 0515-003-foam

Now for the evolution!

Here you can see the water as it rises up 0515-004-the-riseand here how it starts to tip over0515-005-the-fallinto a rolling wave.0515-006-breaking-waveNext it crashes down in a wealth of spray0515-007-the-crashonly to flow back leaving a shallow layer covered with foam. 0515-008-the-flowThen as the water recedes it is sucked back with the distinctive accompanying sound.0515-009-the-suckHere you can see the rise, the fall and the splashing spray all in one photograph.0515-010-evolution-of-a-waveI hope you enjoyed these views of the sea. I could stand and watch it for hours!

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