Photo Challenge – Button

As a F1 fan I suppose one of my first thoughts was of Jenson but when would I get a photograph!

So being otherwise a very prosaic person I then came up with this: Photo Challenge1640-button

It is a button: one of the buttons on this coat Coat from Desigualthat I bought for my daughter’s wedding. You can see my hair in a good light still looked brown back then.

The coat is from Desigual and every button is different though a couple are similar, just different colours.

Here are a few more: Green buttonand Many coloured buttonThis is the only photograph I had to crop slightly because if I got to close the front part was too much in shadow.

And Metal buttonNot sure if I should have had all the button in focus for this one but maybe it makes it seem more mysterious. Mystery is our topic for next week. Not sure what to do for that!


9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Button

    1. Different time of year of course. My older daughter took me to Westfield shopping centre to buy something for my younger daughter’s wedding and we went to many shops but I just fell in love with the coat and had to have it. I don’t believe in paying more than I have to for clothes but I wish I could afford more of theirs.


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