Photo Challenge – Repeat

Photo Challenge1627 - repeatOne thing I have never been good at is colouring in. However when one has children it is something that one does and when my eldest was about ten or eleven, I found a colouring book that was a series of patterned pages to colour in rather than the normal pictures.

When she had been three she had built beautiful multi-symmetric castles with a set of many-shaped bricks I had bought. I therefore decide that she might enjoy the colouring book and she did. She was much better than me!

Recently when colouring for adults started to become all the rage, I looked to see if you could still get these patterned colouring pages and I found that some of them were available on the internet to download and print.

Then that first year that I went to Tywyn with my daughter and family, I printed out a few copies of each of two designs and took them and my colouring pencils with me. Now the two problems I have with colouring in is that of keeping within the lines and of keeping the density of colour the same. So I took a rubber with me to help with the first and concentrated hard to achieve the second,

The picture above is the result.

And just to show you how versatile these patterns are: here is a different fill of the same pattern. Ribbon designBut not a repeating one this time, though I think I can just about remember the rules I set myself.

And this is my favourite. Other designAgain the same underlying pattern page.



14 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Repeat

    1. The two pages I downloaded are two of the ones (ten?) in the book I bought my daughter. Not sure how easy it is to buy them these days and whether they are the same. I could probably send you a copy of the two I have that you could print out if you can’t get them any other way.

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