A New Pair of Trousers

New trousers

Last sumer you may remember I made this top and trousers. Top and trousersThese trousers look alright under a long top but, although ostensibly on the waist, they tended to be tight round the bottom and cut in behind and below so I had to wear them quite low down to be comfortable. In measuring a pair of shop bought comfortable trousers, I realised that the back section of these was much longer and I adapted the pattern to be more that shape by lengthening both front and back pieces and then adding in a wedge to make the back even longer.Adjusted pattern

But I cut out the material for the second pair when it was getting too cold to wear them so I put them aside to sew up some time ‘during the winter’ of course good intentions and all that but when I cut out some material to make a bean bag I decided that I really had to make the trousers first or maybe I would never get around to it!

Those of you who are good at dressmaking can now have a good laugh and feel smug!

So last week I settled down to start. With the previous dressmaking I had intended to try using the electric machine that I inherited from my mother now that it had a new motor but couldn’t get it to work. Over the winter I decided that maybe all it needed was some oil – (What gave me the idea that modern machines don’t need oiling I don’t know!)

So, using the electric machine, I started on Monday and Tuesday, when I had a little time, attaching the pockets but really settled down to the making on Wednesday.

However it became a very stressful experience and I didn’t have a happy smile on my face like the suns on the trousers! 0478-Happy sunsIn fact I ended up not taking my normal care when making clothes just wanting to get it finished.

I realised on the Wednesday that the machine was skipping stitches not only when zig-zagging but also with the straight stitching. I wondered whether it had something to do with my stop/start approach to stitching but it was doing it in the middle of a run as well. I tried re-threading the machine several times, taking the bobbin section apart that is such a fiddle to put back together and in the end got so fed up that I changed over to my old manual Singer that I am much happier using.

However that was skipping stitches too and I even sewed one seam twice in the hopes that the skipped bits would occur in different places!

Then I remembered that I had a reel of cotton thread that was the right colour so I needn’t have bought the synthetic one and tried that instead but no difference. Last of all in desperation I changed to my only other Singer needle that was a thicker one and that seemed to do the trick. (Not that it was the right size for the weight of fabric!)

Exhausted, I managed to finish the trousers that evening.

Here is a closer look. Closer lookThese are still only just up to my waist but they are a much more comfortable fit. I also managed to get the stitching for the three rows of elastic of equal width this time!

And here is a photo of the zig-zag stitching on the electric machine. Electric edge finishI had thought it would be so much better than using the attachment that my mother had bought when I was a child to use with the Singer. Zig-zag attachmentBut here is how this went (when I had changed the needle.) Singer edge finishYou can see where I did the double seam before I had solved my problem!

Not sure of I can face any more dressmaking after this but I will be having a go this week at making the bean bag but with my manual Singer this time!

19 thoughts on “A New Pair of Trousers

    1. What I am not sure about (I was feeling pretty muddle headed on Wednesday) is if I can use the same needles in the Singer and the Janhome machines. I have a variety of machine needles and I am not sure which machine some of them were bought for.


  1. Interesting to hear that by changing the needle would affect the look.. emm.. something I must remember from your experience next time.. I would have thought that I’ve done a wrong setting or something.. Oh well.. something is better to pick up tips from others.. Happy sewing. 😉


    1. I think one cause of skipped stitches given in the book of the electric machine was that ‘The thread is not the correct size for the needle.’ The cotton thread I was using in the manual machine was what they said for a 16 needle so I changed to that but I think the original synthetic yarn was thinner so who knows! The original needle may have been blunt or something.


  2. I’ve had lovely seeing experiences and nightmares too, sometimes nothing seems to work (that’s when it’s best to
    Put it away I find). Love your trousers, the fabric is fab! Xx


  3. I haven’t made pants in over a decade! I have some old patterns that I used to love making, was looking them over recently. Perhaps projects for future Melissa to work on!!! I can appreciate your hard work and think the fabrics are so fun!

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  4. Do your machines have little brushes to brush out lint as it builds up? I’ve discovered that can make a huge difference in how well my machines run. Also using thread that doesn’t have lots of lint… I know that’s the more expensive thread, but it really speeds up my sewing so much I just use it. Please don’t give up your sewing! It will get better as you sew more. xx
    Love your trousers, and the cheery fabric is grand!

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    1. I am not sure if I have a brush but taking the bobbin section apart was to look for lint because I have had problems with that in the past. So many things to intefere with the working of a sewing machine. I may be getting too old for all this. (Been using a sewing machine since I was a child.) Thanks for the positive comment on the way they look. I did wonder what other people would think.

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