Monthly Montage – May

Not much crafting to show you this month. Just my completed bedjacket. This is partly because I have been trying to rest my wrists but I have in fact been doing more than it may appear because I have been continuing with my temperature scarf, started sewing up a crochet project and making an item I can’t show you because it is a present. I do think however that the photo challenge is absorbing a lot of creative energies and distracting me from crafting posts.Monthly montage MayThis month I have five entries for the “52 Week Photo Challenge”. The topics being: Layer (some Romanesco brocolli), Fern (obvious), Frivolous (fuchsia), Check (a king in check on a chess board) and Door (also fairly obvious).

I have also created two ‘garden update’ posts and one about my new iBeani tablet support.

5 thoughts on “Monthly Montage – May

  1. Seems to me to have been a fairly busy month, and I love all your photo challenges. Going to visit the “door” next post (have been behind due to computer issues). I really like that little beanie tablet support.

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