Another project perhaps!

In recent years I have been getting a pain inside my left thigh and also one over my right hip. A little research has suggested that both pains are due to my habit of crossing my legs.

When reading sitting up in bed, or even in a chair, I need to cross my legs to raise the book to a comfortable height. I have tried a cushion but the book tends to slip off. Another issue I have, though with no health consequences, is propping up my tablet when using it as a TV or watching a film. (Though I did get a stiff arm while holding my tablet for my granddaughter and myself to play a game.)

Recently I found a potential solution to both problems.

A small bean bag.

I came across the iBeani when searching for tablet stands. iBeani Now it is a bit pricy but it looked like a good design. I expect you can see why I chose this one! (They have an amazing selection.) though in fact I chose it primarily because I thought a fleece fabric would create a greater degree of friction to hold things in place than a cotton cover.

I did find a free pattern for a different sort of bean bag tablet support HERE but it had a piece of cardboard in it and it didn’t look as suitable for holding a book.

But it did make me presume that the iBeani had some inner support apart from the beans – but no! it is just a small bean bag. However it works really well.

I was surprised just how light it is but of course that is an asset.

Here it is holding a tablet in lanscape Tablet stand landscape orientation(for films) and portrait Tablet stand portrait orientationorientations.

It also held my library book at a comfortable height and angle. Book standYes my current story book has pictures!

It was suggested that it could also be used as a camera stand for long exposure photographs.

Well this was only 1/8th sec but longer than I could hold a camera steady myself. Camera stand photographSince it is just a bean bag shape lightly filled, I thought I could maybe make myself another so I can have one upstairs and one downstairs. Not sure when though! but I do have some fabric scraps that might be enough. Could be quite fun to try.


9 thoughts on “Another project perhaps!

  1. What an interesting – and attractive – idea for a tablet propper-upper. I’m surprised,though, that they fill it with beans (I presume they mean polystyrene ones) as they tend to be inflammable and some tablets put out such a lot of heat. Maybe these have been treated? But anyway, yes, do make one yourself, would love to see what you do. And – apropos sitting with legs crossed too much, you and me both. I’m not sure if it’s caused it (probably not) but my current woe that is not helped by crossed legs, is a varicose vein that makes my leg throb and a weird indent in same leg, near it. Oh the joys of getting old/er.


    1. I think it would probably need to be a much greater temperature for there to be a danger. After all they put hot drinks in polystyrene cups and tablets don’t get that hot! Actually, I think my phone gets hotter than the tablet. Age does seem to be a bit of a pain; sorry to hear about your varicose vein.

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  2. What a great idea, perfect solution to crossed legs issues. (does anyone find it difficult just to sit uncrossed?) And I can see why you chose that color, you would certainly never lose it! 😉 Will be looking forward to seeing your version of this handy item.


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