Photo Challenge – Layer

My first thought for the word ‘layer’ was ‘cake’ (does this say something about me?) but that seemed a bit too obvious. (Does that too say something about me?)

So I thought ‘chicken’! but found that my only photograph of a domestic fowl would appear to be a cock rather than a hen – shame!

Now should the topic be ‘layers’ since it is hard to photograph one layer without the rest?

Enough of that!

What do you think of this? Photo Challenge1618 - LayerI think I have managed to adjust the colour so as to be reasonably true to nature. (Though of course it is all rather dependent on if your screen is set the same as mine!)

My camera seemed to have trouble with this shade of green and alternated between the two below for no particular reason. Colour comparisonI rather liked this angle that was a bit like mountains. A bit like mountainsI did have a second choice Christmas cactus flowerMy Christmas Cactus much to my surprise recently produced three flowers and I have always wanted to get a photograph of an individual flower as I think they are so beautiful. With the light this time of the year being a bit better, at least some of the time, I managed to get this.




20 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Layer

  1. Oh my word – I was thinking on EXACTLY the same lines as you!!! until you got the to the genius picture of finding those glorious green swirly layers of the cauliflowery veg – it is truly magical – i LOVE it!!!! Love all your photos but the mountain one particularly – a land of elves and dragons!!!! for sure.
    And I’m so impressed with your cactus and your cactus photo – beautiful layers – clever!

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  2. Lovely photos, particularly the ‘hilly’ view of the veggie. 🙂 We’ve grown these and they can be difficult to photograph, I know. I’ve found that the easiest way is to photograph them in sunshine – but then, finding that is difficult enough usually. (Been a glorious day here today, that said. How is it there?)
    I’ve got Christmas cacti too – I adore their flowers. Cyclamen flowers when they are opening also show a kind of layers thing – their buds show the petals folded over each other like a spiral of layers.


  3. I think of clothes when I hear the word Layer(s). What does that say about me? Cake makes perfect sense! I love cake! Especially Chocolate with chocolate frosting…can’t get enough of chocolate here!

    Your plant and blossom images are wonderful! I just don’t know how got chicken from layers? I’ll ponder that a while. Hum… what am I missing?


    1. Clothes! Yes that could be photographed. I am not really a clothes person 🙂 Chickens lay eggs (well hens do) that is what makes them layers! Thanks for your positive comments. Means a lot.


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