Garden update – part one

I now have received all the quotations, accepted one and know that the work should take place in July.

Since this is an expensive project, I decided that it made sense to buy a good quality surface that would look attractive and last well. I couldn’t get to see the paving on my short-list locally but Marshall’s sent me some samples. 0468-Stone samplesI think they must have run out of their standard samples of the paving on the left, as I was told you get two small samples of each. The slab on the left is a standard 275mm square slab.

Here they are so you can see the colour and texture more clearly.

Sawn Versuro (This is more enlarged than the Narias)0468-Versuro textureand Flamed Narias 0468-Flamed Narias textureI wonder which you would have chosen?

In the meantime I have a few things to do to prepare.

This is what it looked like recently.

To the left 0468-Left side of gardenand to the right. 0468-Right side of gardenYes I know it is a tiny garden. Not a ‘garden’ at all according to my middle child just a ‘patio’!

I decided that this would be an ideal time to recoat the fence with a colour preservative but first I needed to clean it as it has gone a bit green in places. especially in the corner where I had a sort of arbour.

This shows where I did an experimental clean on a couple of strips so you can see before and after. 0468-Fence cleaningHaving see on the internet that it might be possible to rehabilitate my plastic furniture I had a go with the table.

Before0468-table before treatmentand after. 0468-table treatedI have put the table in the garage for now so I don’t know if it will last when exposed to the elements.

I will have a go with the chairs eventually but they will need more scrubbing and I am saving my wrists for coating the fence.

I have more to share but I think that is enough for now and will write another post when I have done up the fence. Just waiting for a few reliably dry days in a row!


9 thoughts on “Garden update – part one

  1. How exciting! All clear and ready to go. I think I would have chosen the big tile on the left in the first photo for its pinkish hue, although difficult to tell without seeing it in situ. Small gardens can be wonderfully atmospheric places, I’m looking forward to seeing the progress. Well done for making the decisions – that’s what I find so difficult.


    1. The beige one on the righ goes with the redder one next to it. Both the Narias and the Versuro come in a mixture of colours. No the only pot will probably be my chives. I have a few pots in the front but I have got rid of all the pots in the back except the chives. Pots are too much work, especially when things need repotting. Plants in flower beds are easier to cope with.


  2. I can’t choose a colour as my tablet and the pc monitor screens both distort colour (most monitors do) but my first thought when I saw the photo was ‘Oh how nice, felt samples”! 🙂 That just shows you how much I associate your blog with fabric crafts!
    Your garden is much the same size as the one I had in London before moving to rural Wales. Eventually we took up all the paving tiles there (which were different shades of pink and beige, rather like the Brighton promenade) and put in a lawn and filled the surrounding narrow beds with shrubs and flowers. I lost count of how many plants there were there, despite its size. I’m looking forward to seeing how your garden develops.

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    1. It’s not so much a difference of colour as texture actually but that is hard to see. When I first moved here fourteen years ago I did consider taking up the slabs and having a lawn but in the end I decided against it. Not only because for the previous several years I had never had much time for tending flowers as I had to cut the grass every week (when my husband was with me that had been his job!) but also because when my chronic fatigue had been at it’s worst I had had trouble lifting the lawn mower up a foot over a low supporting wall to cut the front lawn and this would have meant lifting the lawn mower more like a couple of feet and I wasn’t getting any younger.

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