April Montage

In April I did manage to share some on-going knitting with you and some crochet. The knitting included telling you about the mistake I had made with the readings for the temperature scarf and how it changed the way it looked as also the latest on my bed jacket jumper. The crochet was a pattern to crochet a ‘perfect’ circle and a tutorial on finishing the end.April montageI also shared my photographs for this months entries for the Photo Challenge: secret, path, reflection and work.

One other thing that wasn’t included above is that I shared the last three months entries for Monochrome Madness. Not a popular post but I am including a montage of all the photographs plus one I sent but didn’t appear in another montage below. Monochrome montageNot quite my usual montage as it isn’t square.

I thought that I wouldn’t have as many monochrome to share in future as I am finding it hard to find/create photographs for both this and the monthly challenge but I have put together a series of slightly arty flower photographs so maybe I can use those!


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