Jumper update

I have been plugging away at my bed jacket jumper and managed to finish the main body – with pockets! and one sleeve.

(I have been taking the temperature scarf to Crafty Coffee on Fridays and am continuing with the crochet teaching.)

Here are a few photographs.

First the pocket.

PocketThe pocket as seen in the round. Pocket flatThe sleeve (next two taken in a mirror! – tricky, so best I could do.)Sleeveand my hand in the pocket. Hand in the pocketI haven’t ironed it or anything so it will look slightly better when I have finished.

I have to say at this point that although I have been reasonably happy with Drops yarns in the past and this one seemed okay when I made the waistcost, I can’t really recommend it for something like this.

Firstly I have had lots of little bits of black fluff caught up in the yarn at random intervals that I have had to pull out. I also had those frequent fluffy bits where one strand had broken and been tied. I also have had quite a few joins in the balls which are only 50g weight. (I don’t remember it being so bad when I made my waistcoat, maybe it is this dye lot.)

The yarn is beautifully soft and thick and will be comfortable to wear but this has made it harder to sew in the ends securely and when you are knitting in the round so don’t have seams to do it in and worse still when there are so many ends because of breaks in the yarn and the balls not being very long it is not at all satisfactory. I am glad this will be bed jacket so no-one will see the imperfections.

This is all over and above the fact that my crochet is probably better than my knitting!

I might have finished the second sleeve by now but my work in the garden has really hurt my wrists. Before this I was beginning to think that there was really not much wrong with them but now they hurt a lot of the time and I am having to go easy on knitting and even more crochet (the crochet circle really upset them!). Ever so frustrating.

6 thoughts on “Jumper update

  1. So frustrating to get lots of joins in a ball of yarn – I always rewind them first nowadays to check before starting. Looking good though – that is going to be such a useful garment.


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