Photo Challenge – Reflection

The word ‘reflection’ has several meanings but an abstract meaning is hard to photograph so my first thought was of all those photographs I have taken of reflections in water – such as these.

However I decided that it would be fun to try and take one of those photographs where you use two mirrors and the reflection is reflected ad infinitum.

Of course this is not so easy to do in a normal house. Now a Hall of Mirrors – that would be good!

However I do have a free wall mirror that has not been fixed to the wall and so I was able to cobble together the following. Photo Challenge16016 - reflectionNot quite ‘ad infinitum’ but in the circumstance I was quite pleased with it.

15 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Reflection

  1. Do you remember in the larger guest room in Bronwydd Avenue, you could look into the mirror over the sink and see the reflection from the mirror opposite? I always loved that effect.


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