Monochrome Madness (Year 2: 40-52)

I’ve added a gallery this time with photographs and commentry on each below.

The first of these photograph was taken at the same time as I took the ‘Winter’ photograph for the photo challenge. Rainbow Junkie - (2-40) WinterNot much to say except that I thought the curved building and lamp post added extra interest.

The next week I wasn’t sure what to send but I though this photograph Rainbow Junkie - (2-41) skyhad an interesting sky.

Still lacking inspiration, I decided that this photograph I took while at my daughter’s for Christmas translated well into monochrome.Rainbow Junkie - (2-42) starMy granddaughter made the star! (I also liked the feathery bird decoration)

The next week was a theme week – ‘Curves’. So I went back to my favourite fence. Favourite fenceand photographed one of the clusters at the top of the poles. Rainbow Junkie - (2-43) CurvesIt’s the one by the tree actually.

For the following week, I was pleased with another photograph I took at Christmas except that the light had been so low that it was very grainy. So I started playing around with it (using effects meant for coloured photographs actually) and came up with this. Rainbow Junkie - (2-44) artyI don’t normally do ‘arty’ but I thought I would be bold for once.

The following week I totally forgot to send something. As you can see I was having difficulty knowing what to provide and after the one above I think I just relaxed and forgot that it was the time to send the next one.

The next week, realising that I had forgotten to send one for the previous week and feeling that I ought to take a new photograph rather than using ones I had and wanting to try something different I took this.Rainbow Junkie - (2-46) - tea setIt is a close up of a candle topper. Not quite convincing but quite charming I thought. The spout had been broken and glued back but the magic of photo software corrected that!

Another theme week: this time ‘Straight’. I remembered this path (taken the same day as the one for Monday’s Photo Challenge but not as photogenic.) Not my usual style of path photography but taken precisely because it was so straight! Rainbow Junkie - (2-47) - StraightI had taken this photograph for the ’52 week photo challenge’Rainbow Junkie - (2-48) - Conversationbut thought that it worked well in monochrome. So why not use it twice!

With my mind now busy thinking about getting new paving for my garden, once again I forgot to send anything for week 49.

But I went out with my camera and took this for the following week. Rainbow Junkie - (2-50) - BuildingsI liked the different shapes and styles of the buildings. The one on the left is part of the Civic Centre, the sloping one is the new Sea City museum and the one in the distance is a new university accommodation block. This was actually taken quickly just to see what was possible with the intention to come back and take one at a different time of day but I think we had a lot of rain and the opportunity didn’t arise. You can see the light reflected from the windows of the Civic Centre onto the wall of the museum.

I did send a photograph for week 51 but maybe I sent it too early because it didn’t seem to appear. I won’t show it to you now as I may use it in future.

The last photgraph of the year for what was another theme week – ‘Close up’ was this. A small piece going cheap at the green grocer’s.Rainbow Junkie - (2-52) - Close-upIt is a ‘close-up’ of some Romanesco broccoli. (My son refused to believe it was broccoli and wouldn’t eat any! but I had provided plenty of the normal sort.) I just loved the fractal nature of it’s growth and the logarithmic spirals.

And here is a link to the first week of Monochrome Madness Year 3


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