Photo Challenge – Path

I love photographing paths, either paths that lead through darkness into light or paths under trees with dappled shadows.

To me paths create a sense of mystery and anticiption and curiosity as to where they lead.

I have not had time to go out and take a ‘new’ path photograph. Apart from anything else the weather is very unsettled but I do have several ‘path’ photographs in the archive. So I have chosen one that I showed you before in a St. Catherine’s Hill post but originally it was square and here I have cropped it to a 3:2 format which I think is even better. Photo Challenge16015 - pathIf you walk from Winchester to St. Catherine’s Hill, the last part takes you along by the river on one of two paths. There is a narrow, possibly muddy, path right alongside the water and a wider, higher, tarmac path where you can hardly see the water because of the screen of trees and bushes.

This photograph was taken returning from St Catherine’s Hill, walking towards Winchester. I am sure you can see which of the two paths it is!

15 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Path

  1. I love paths too, the air of mystery and choice. Paths through trees are my favourite too. Think we are going to have some wonderful pictures this week beginning with yours. One perfect path photograph.

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