Oh Woops!

In January I showed you how I was getting on with a temperature scarf in this POST.

I had found a web site that provided graphs of local weather information including temperature spread over the whole day. Here is a typical graph from 3rd March. Typical graphNow I had noticed that some days the temperature I found on the graph was a little higher than that predicted in the weather forecast but that is british weather forecasts for you!

But on the 10th March I got a shock! The graph for the 9th March appeared to give me a mid-day temperature of just over 20 deg C. There was no way the temperature had been that high the day before, so what could be wrong?

Then I realised……………………….

If you look at the graph for that day Tell-tale graph(or the previous one) you will see that there are four coloured lines representing Humidity (blue), Rainfall (red), Temperature (green) and Dew Point (pink). Time is along the x-axis.

Of course I am used to the y-axis being along the left hand side and so I just looked at the numbers nearest the graph on the left without thinking.

BUT NO! that was wrong there were separate scales for humidity and rainfall on the left and the temperature/dew point one was on the right. All colour coded so I should have realised!

All this time I had been reading off the wrong numbers. So I had to undo my scarf back to the first two white rows and start again. Yes, even the first of January had been wrong.

Here is a comparison of the piece I showed you before and the re-knitted January. (Yes the turquoise looks different in each photograph! blue is a tricky colour.)Comparison In the original: February and the beginning of March were all very similar to January but now January is looking colder which is what you would expect.

I started copying out the new temperatures, a few at a time, straight away but wanted to concentrate on finishing my jumper. However since I started a bad cold just before Easter and have been feeling under the weather the last ten days, once I got to a tricky bit of my jumper I switched to re-knitting the temperature scarf and have now got this far. January to MarchThat’s up to the end of March, so only a few days to go to be up to date. I am pleased to see that with the slipped stitches it lies naturally flat. It is also more interesting than when I was choosing the wrong readings!

[The bits of thread you can see mark the month ends.]

6 thoughts on “Oh Woops!

  1. I have just started your Pineapple Bookmark pattern from 2014. I’ve wanted to learn to crochet pineapples for the longest time but was always frightened off by the complex instructions. Yours make it understandable and I thank you.

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