Photo Challenge – Secret

I hope you weren’t thinking I was going to reveal some deep secret thing.

My father always told me that you couldn’t share a secret because once you told another person something it wasn’t a secret anymore!

However my father did travel a lot for the government as part of his job and when that involved going to Australia he would have a stop-over in Singapore and bring me back something oriental as a present.

One time he brought back a Japanese puzzle box.

At first sight it looks like an inlaid rectangular prism but if you know the secret you can slide down one of the sides and then slide out the top to reveal an inner space. Having done that you can slide up the opposite side to find an even more secret little drawer that that makes a musical sound (mechanical not electronic!) as you open it. So you would be alerted if anyone else found out the secret and opened it!

Photo Challenge16014 - secretBut of course I am not going to tell you the secret of how you release the side of the box, because then it wouldn’t be a secret anymore!

25 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Secret

  1. Oh that is such a charming secret!
    It reminds me of a palace we went to in Japan which had what some call a ‘nightingale floor’ – as you walk over it it makes a noise like the song of many nightingales – this was so that an intruder could be heard by the shogun or his guards. It was fun to walk on.
    What a precious present!


    1. That is the Nijo Castle in Kyoto Sandra.
      I can recommend a series of books by an Australian writer Nian Hearn called Tales of the Otori. All set in fictional medieval Japan with a hint of mysticism. There are nightingale floors in this story. It begins with a prequel, 4 books and a sequel

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  2. What a wonderful box I am sure there was such a box on a tv advert once! Maybe for hsbc! Anyway that is a super subject and picture for this prompt, but what did you keep in the secret box I wonder….


  3. This little box is so intriguing! What treasures it must have contained, and how fortunate that you’ve kept it all this time. It’s lovely, and a grand response for this challenge.


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