Bed jacket jumper update

I have been mostly concentrating on finishing my bed jacket these last couple of weeks, while leaving some time for games and jigsaw!

I have just finished the back as far as the pockets. Back of jumper with pocketsThinking about it, I could have done the pockets while still knitting in the round but I think they may lie flatter this way. I have just moved on to working the pockets on the front half. Front of jumperJust the first row. (The gathered look is partly where the cable overlaps but mostly the short cable.)

This is a finished pocket that I made as an experiment to check I had the right idea. Pocket frontand how it looks from the back before it is sewn up. Pocket back
The pockets will be a bit smaller than the ones on the original fleece but big enough I think. I don’t want them to pull the jumper out of shape.

I have been a bit disappointed with the quality of the yarn this time around.

It is still soft and lovely to knit with but not only has it had bits of black, or sometimes white, yarn twisted in with it and a join but there have been several places where the yarn has a fluffy bit like this Fluffy bitI have managed to pull them to the back because when knitting in a circle the last thing one wants to do is have lots of joins, so I didn’t cut the yarn to remove them. At least as a bed jacket it won’t be much on show!

It was worst in one ball so I don’t know if I should just have tried a different one.


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