Photo Challenge – Outline

Photo Challenge16011 - outlineI had thought I might write something about this photograph but I am so stressed and busy trying to get quotes for my garden project that I will let the photo speak for itself.


16 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Outline

    1. The garden project got a brief mention in a couple of posts recently. Nothing much said yet except that it is a distraction. I am trying to get quotes to have the paving re done but I have only got one so far (three no-shows!) I wonder if the access difficulty is putting them off.

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        1. Well if I get a quote and the work gets done I was planning something. I will be making some changes though even if I have to do it all myself. (My son did offer to help moving a few concrete slabs if necessary. I thought that was sweet of him!)

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  1. An impressive silhouette. And I sympathise with your difficulties of trying to get a quote. Where I live, trying to find anyone reliable ofr quotes or even to get anything done is next to impossible, Good luck with that.


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