I taught someone to crochet!

Granny square closer

I know that I have taught my granddaughter the beginnings of crochet and someone else asked me to teach them some time ago but they like my daughter found tensioning the yarn difficult. They were also much too tense and it was hurting their hands so they gave up.

This time someone at my Crafty Coffee group asked me to teach her to knit brandishing a crochet hook. She comes from Ubekistan, if I have not miss-remembered, and apparently in that country the same word is used for knitting and crochet.

She had an odd way of tensioning the yarn, just over one finger but it worked for her and she showed me that she could do a chain but didn’t know anymore.

So I told her how to do dcs, then trebles, then half-trebles (UK terms) and she picked it all up instantly.

A Crafty Coffee friend had made some large granny squares so, using one as an aide memoire, I told her how to create a granny square.

And in a little while she had produced this!

Granny squareI got out my phone to show her that there were all sorts of wonderful things you could do with the humble granny square. Granny squares on phoneand she particularly liked the flower square Flower square on phoneSo that is what she wants me to to teach her next week!


12 thoughts on “I taught someone to crochet!

    1. I have tried to teach more than one person but with this lady it was just so easy. I showed her how to do a stitch and watched while she made a few. She picked it all up straight away. With the granny square she made a few mistakes transitioning from one row to the next but I explained where she had gone wrong and she corrected it.

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