February Montage

Better late than never!

I have been so busy thinking about the garden that I forgot all about my Monthly Montage.

Now I am doing the “Photo Challenge”, it has a big effect on the montage. This month, although it was the shortest month of the year, because it started and ended on a Monday it included five photographs. The topics were: Stitch, Zero, Home, Tension and Extra. February montageI have however also found time for some crafting. This was sharing my crochet socks with you and my completed blanket, as well as the stitch markers I made and the beginnings of my knitted jumper.


6 thoughts on “February Montage

  1. I’ve been enjoying your montages, not only for their visual delight (I love the zigzag crochet particularly) but for how useful they are in finding individual posts using the them combined with your monthly archives. Do you compose the montages yourself or are they part of a widget via the media library? (Oh and I keep meaning to ask you – is your blogroll mini-images a widget? if so, what? I love having images in my sidebar but they’re much too big in mine and yours is much nicer. )


    1. Glad you enjoy the montages. I do try to provide lots of help to navigation for my blog and the montages help me too. I do compose the montages myself with a photo editing package. But it is a very manual process.
      The blogroll is a widget. I would prefer it if I could choose which blogs to include as some people seem to have stopped posting or do so very rarely but it has to include all the blogs I am down as following. I am afraid the size of the pictures is probably governed by the theme. I don’t think I got to choose anything except if it was a list or a grid and the max number to show.

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      1. That must take time. composing the montages manually yourself. I think you can choose which blogs to show with the links widget instead, but that’d be for text probably, not sure if it’d show images, or how. (I used to know these things but have forgotten as it’s two years or more since I used wordpress.)


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