Starting a new knitting project

Many years ago (enough years for my mother to be horrified that I still have it) I bought a fleece jumper. At the time I was size 10/12 rather than 14/16 (No point explaining what this means as even in this country sizes have changed.)

However this jumper was only available in size 14/16 but it was blue and only £5 so I bought it. Old fleece Because it was loose it was so comfortable and when it began to show its age it was relegated to housework attire. Eventually though I realised that it was the ideal thing to wear in bed when sitting up reading or eating breakfast. So now it does double duty but it occured to me that if I could find the right pattern I could make a properly designated garment.

I have looked on and off for one, the sticking point being the neckline, but eventually I found this that was close enough. It is also on Ravelry but the link leads here.

I will replace the ribbing at the bottom of body and sleeves with a few rows of garter stitch to keep it loose. I will also reduce the depth of the neckline to be more like my fleece jumper.

This is the yarn I bought that I have showed you before. Yarn for jumperI thought it was a good opportunity to try something with cables but it is worth noting that there is a mistake in the pattern.

Luckily, as I am new to cables and I wanted to check that the provisional cast-on0446-Disposable cast-on was going to work seamlessly with the collar, I tried a small trial. This showed that there was a problem which with a little experimenting and a few comments about the pattern on a forum I solved.

(Basically – in case you are thinking of trying it yourself – the cable rib needs to be mirrored so instead of using four k2, p2 stitches for each end of the row, you use k2, p2 the first time and p2, k2 the second. I am sure if you ever try the pattern you will see what I mean.

But to make it even clearer – on the end of the row where you get – P2, k2, p2, C8L, C8R, k3. You need to read it as P2, k2, C8L, C8R, p2, k3. Where C8L & C8R are the cables worked with p2, k2 instead of k2, p2.

I also noticed that towards the end of the Continue Yoke Shaping section you are given “Repeat these 2 rows -[-, 5, 7, 23, 27, 31] times more. -[-, 308, 324, 372, 404, 436] sts.”

This obviously should be Repeat these 2 rows -[-, 15,17, 23, 27, 31] times more. -[-, 308, 324, 372, 404, 436] sts.

This is as far as I have got. Jumper to date I am finding it a bit slow going as it is easy to make a mistake with the increases when you are watching TV! There has been quite a bit of dropping stitches and picking them up again or undoing.

Luckily I am also working on a crochet project which I can take when I am being sociable!




8 thoughts on “Starting a new knitting project

  1. So exciting to get that beautiful bundle of yarn I the post isn’t it – I always feel like I have just received a present! Great colour, is it Magenta?
    Looking forward to seeing the finished article.


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