Trying something new

I am just starting on a new knitting project to knit a jumper: top down, circular needles, no seams! Yay!

But I needed four stitch markers and I had lost some of the ones I made ages ago Stitch markersand was using two of them for something else anyway.

So I started looking for ones for sale and was attracted to the pretty ones rather than the simple plastic ones. But then I decided maybe I could make them. So I went to a shop that sells craft stuff and came home with what I needed. You can see all the items here plus some beads I bought a while ago for a project I have yet to start.Things neededThat is a 3in1 pliers, tiger tail wire, crimps, crimp covers and some beads I liked the look of.

And I settled down and made these – Stitch markersIt was actually easier than I thought it would be.

The one on the left is the second one I made and I managed to break the glass bead at the top when finishing off so I replaced it with a crimp cover rather than waste all that effort. (This does also mean it can be used as a different one.) You can also see that with the last two I made (on the right) I cut the wire before I added the cover so I could hide the end!

And I decided to make a couple more tiny ones for my temperature blanket knitting. Small stitch markersA larger than life photograph!

The only unsatisfactory thing is that the pliers are no good at cutting the wire easily so I am going to have to try something else.

I am really hooked now and mean to try making some more. Have some ideas for using the beads I have but I think a visit to Hobby Craft may be in order!

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