Photo Challenge – Home

Even though I was the one who sugested this as a prompt, maybe as someone who lives alone this was an unfortunate topic for me to dwell upon.

When I reflected on the meaning of the word ‘home’ I realised that what makes a place a ‘home’ is the people who share the space, not the place itself. I do think the plural is important here.

Now had I been due to visit my daughter, I might have been able to photograph something there that epitomised home but, as I am not, I decided to look around my house to see what was most evocative of ‘home’ in my mind.

My best memory of ‘home’ is when I lived together with my children and so I chose this Photo Challenge1607 - Homewhich is the bookcase in my study where I put cards that I especially like. All the cards you can see, except for the two landcape ones on the top shelf, are from my children. Some of the many I have received since I moved to this house.

They say “Home is where the heart is.” and I suppose my heart is with my children always!



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