Photo Challenge – Zero

Since zero signifies ‘nothing’ it seems impossible to photograph this except in terms of the symbol that represents zero and so this is what I have done. Photo Challenge1606 - zero

As an aside: The M&Ms in this photograph are actually the same as those I used in my photograph for the first Monochrome Madness theme week. They aren’t really the sort of sweets I eat these days, preferring a bar of Green & Blacks, so I put them in a pot in the fridge. Recently I decided that I really needed to start eating them and so I am, a few at a time, but there were still more than enough left for this photograph!


13 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Zero

  1. I’ve been racking my brains too, was definitely on the tricky side this week, but I’ve managed it! Mine would have been a smaller symbol as I love any sweets and chocolate and would have needed to buy another bag πŸ™‚

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