Photo Challenge – Winter

This is my chosen photograph Photo Challenge1604 - Winter

My first thought when I wondered how to depict ‘winter’ was that it ought to include snow but it was fairly obvious, with the mild weather we have been having, that the chance of us having snow before the deadline was minimal.

So I looked to see if I had any archive photographs of snow. Now I always say that if we get snow in Southampton it must mean that the rest of the country is experiencing blizzards! A mixture of clay soil and proximity to the sea is part of the reason I believe. This meant that I have very few photographs of snow especially more recent digital ones. I did find a few taken in my current garden with my son’s Sony bridge camera but they weren’t very good. I did however extract 600 pixels by 600 pixels from one photograph that I thought would almost do. SnowBut then I thought that trees bereft of leaves are another sign and so I went out and took a few pictures.

This was my second choice to the one at the top of the post. Winter second choiceWhich do you prefer?

And for anyone who is interested here is a gallery of a few other photographs I have taken lately. Just click on the first one to see the full screen gallery.

23 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Winter

  1. I do like the tracery of the bare branches against the winter sky – the first looks like an alder (?), the second an oak. Your snowy picture looks like cotton bolls – sweet. And I like the reflection in the water too – a really good winter gallery.


  2. I agree that the bare trees shout ‘winter’! And the way the light is captured, or lack of it, creates a stark and wintry feel. The tree shots are my favourite of the lot with the cloud coming close behind. The puddle, a very familiar scene here too!


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