Granny Ripple blanket – body complete

Here is the main body of my latest granny ripple blanket completed. Body of blanket done (So hard to get a good photograph this weather.)

Keeping to my playing with the colours and trying to have as few sequence repeats as possible while remaining harmonious, I did work towards a certain mirroring for the later part to offset what had seemed to be unbalanced in the first part. if that makes sense!

In the event. I slightly underestimated the size and over estimated the amount of yarn I would need.

So the 3ft x 6ft that I expected at this stage is now more 3ft 3ins x 6ft 3ins and I thought that each ball of yarn would only give me six completed double rows but in fact I think it would have stretched to seven of each colour without any risk of running out.

However that is quite good as I will use the remaining yarn to make a cushion cover.

I am planning a fairly subdued border as I don’t want it to up-stage the body. I am using one of the borders from this book. Crochet edgings book Most of the borders in it are very ornate but this Edgingseemed to echo the main body to a certain extent and in fact I could almost have worked it out for myself. Will have to modify the corners though as I have decided to leave the ripple ends.

I will be using silver and lavender.

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