I can do cross stitch too!

I’ve been wanting to have a go at cross stitch for a long time.

Some time ago when someone was giving away things they didn’t want I acquired a small cross stitch kit to make a notepad with pretty cover. I thought that it seemed a good place to start, though I was a bit worried if the stitches would be too small. There were six different coloured threads. Two green and two red and two orange.

Kit labelI was very pleased when I finished the first green portion, having decided to start in the middle. StartThis is 14 count. I was however happy to discover that I could see well enough to do it even in the evening.

The only guide I had was the photograph of the finished design on the sheet I showed you above. I did struggle a bit to decide which colour I should be using for the red and orange part but decided that as long as I made it symmetrical it didn’t matter too much if I got the odd stitch in the wrong colour. MotifI was very pleased with the finished design. (I was also pleased at the result of using a piece of white polystyrene to reflect the light so that it was more even as advised by Deborah of Circadianreflections)

Here are the pieces needed to make up the notepad.KitI normally give my children money as the main present but I like to give them a little something as well. I decided to give this to my younger daughter for her birthday which is this month, so here is the finished present with the birthday card. Finished present

I hope to find time to do some more cross stitch in due course but my list of other things, expecially knitting, seems to be getting longer and longer!

22 thoughts on “I can do cross stitch too!

  1. That’s lovely Jane, knew you could do it. Looking at the pack almost 99.9% certain it’s a free magazine pack. The chart will have been in the magazine. Done that way because when the chart was in a pack they got nicked on newsagent shelves. Magazines were very apologetic when they had to start putting the chart in the magazine. Be good to see you stitching some more, it is quite addictive when you get going.

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      1. I still use all my embroidered place mats dressing table sets, napkins etc. They make me feel good, whether people consider them old fashioned or not! I love cross-stitch but the old eyes aren’t what they were so it is more difficult to see now. I love your blogs Jane. Thank you. And, Happy New Year from snowy Ontario, Canada


  2. Birth samplers, pictures, pin cushions, cards,Christmas decorations,, key rings,bibs,towels,curtain tie backs, coasters, bookmarks, cake bands, jam jar covers, shall I stop now? Honestly there are lots of things you can make! Then there’s plastic canvas so you can do three D objects and fabric you can use to add decoration to clothes. I will be quiet now!

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  3. I used to use embroidery wool on canvas and make cushion covers – I still have loads rolled up yet to be made into cushions! although I realise I did the sts all going one way – so that’s not cross stitch, but you could do cross stitch.

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    1. I did things like that with my mother – tapestry – We did flower pictures in wool and embroidery thread. (I have the four wool ones on the wall in my study.)The wool was so expensive though. I wanted to make a piano stool cover for my mother’s duet stool but it would have cost a fortune. I started a tapestry cat picture recently but have yet to complete it. Cross stitch feels very different to me though, especially when you do it without filling in the whole area. I was looking for inspiration in my two cross stitch books this evening but I couldn’t see anything I wanted to do. But I expect I may find something one day.


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