Photo Challenge – Happy

So many things make me happy but how to choose and how then to encapsulate that in a photograph?

In the end I decided that the thing that causes me the most constant happiness at present is crochet and especially crocheting blankets. Even more so when you can snuggle up under the blanket while you work on it and so this photo was born. Photo Challenge - HappyI’m getting to the stage where I know I will be sad when it is finished!

Joining with

Cathy from Nana Cathy

Sandra from Wild Daffodil

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

I have made three blankets for myself and one for someone else in DK acrylic yarn, plus the one I am making above.

If you include my cloths made with DK cotton, that I tend to categorise together with the blankets, that is six finished to date.

Two with square motifs, two with hexagonal motifs and two row by row ripples.

I can’t see a need for any more blankets but I do need some cushion covers and I already have one half planned in my head. It will be made of different sized squares which will be an ideal project for Friday mornings at Crafty Coffee.



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