Retrospective 2015: Knitting and Crochet

I took an awful lot of photographs in 2015: monochrome and colour but I am not going to look back on those here. (I did a three month Monochrome Madness retrospective yesterday.)  I am also not going to look back at sewing, either dressmaking or mending; tutorials; additions to earlier patterns; paper crafts or anything yet to be completed, like my blanket.

Just finished knitting and crochet.

I only completed four knitting projects including two pairs of socks from one 100g ball of yarn. I would love to make more socks but I don’t really need any more at present! KnittingThere will be more knitting in 2016 however.

I completed far more crochet projects as you can see. Crochet part 1And quite a few were in rainbow colours as you might expect!

I have singled out as a separate section those from my latest obsession for celtic knot type designs. Crochet part 2Two in DK weight cotton, two in #10 crochet cotton.

Yes, 2015 was a good year!

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