Monochrome Madness (Year 2: 27-39)

Here is another three months of my entries for Leanne Cole’s Monochrome Madness.

Since photography is not my primary hobby, and for lots of other reasons, I do not get out to take photographs every day or even every week. Holidays often provide the best opportunities for photography and so you will find that most, though not all, of these photographs were taken while on holiday, especially my recent Danube Cruise.

(I think previously I have scaled down the photographs when putting them on my blog, to save space, but here, to save time, I have used the originals so if you click on them you can see them as originally submitted.)

This first one was taken for a themed week where the theme was ‘coutry’. I had to dig deep for this one and found this which was taken a long time ago in North Wales. Rainbow Junkie - (2-27) countryThe next week I chose what was one of my favourite photographs from my Danube cruise. The trompe l’oeil staircase from Melk Abbey.Rainbow Junkie - (2-28) spiralstaircaseThe following week I found another very different photograph that I took on board the ship. Rainbow Junkie - (2-29) black knightI thought that the reflections showed up particularly well in monochrome.

Of course many of you will have seen the colour version of these photographs.

Here we have Budapest parliament at night. Rainbow Junkie - (2-30) BudapestEven more dramatic with the high contrast.

The next week was another themed week and this time the theme was ‘clouds’.

Coincidentally I had only recently taken this photograph from St Catherine’s Hill near WinchesterRainbow Junkie - (2-31) cloudsparticularly to capture the delightful cloud formation.

Back to my holiday for the next week with this quirky photograph of a couple of autumn leaves. Rainbow Junkie - (2-32) leavesWithout the colour the different textures stand out more clearly.

Now you won’t have seen this photograph unless you follow Monochrome Madness, as I didn’t think the colour version was worth sharing, but I thought it made an interesting semi-silhouette in monochrome. Rainbow Junkie - (2-33) statueThis you may well have seen. Rainbow Junkie - (2-34) EsztergomI thought the two birds added an extra touch which showed up well in monochrome.

The following week was another themed ‘approaching Christmas’ week where the theme was ‘bells’. Luckily I had taken this on the cruise. Rainbow Junkie - (2-35) old bellsMore themes for the next three weeks.

First ‘elves’. I thought I would have to miss out on this but I created the photograph below from part of a photograph I had taken when we had gone to the Isle of Wight the previous year. Rainbow Junkie - (2-36) elvesIt was one of a series of dramatic presentations in glass fronted cases in a most unusual garden.

With the next theme of ‘angels’ I did think of using one of my angel bookmarks but decide in the end that this angel from St. Michael and All Angels’ church in Lyndhurst was much more photogenic. Rainbow Junkie - (2-37) angelThe last theme was ‘Christmas where you are’. I had intended to go down town and see what I could photograph but having to stay in on several mornings in the hope of getting the heating fixed, I didn’t have the time and so used this which had been my second choice for last year when we were adding a touch of colour. Rainbow Junkie - (2-38) KingsSince these are the three kings from my knitted crib, it certainly fitted the theme.

I had one last monochrome photograph from the cruise that I had thought would look good in monochrome so I chose that for the last photograph of this post and the first photograph for 2016. Rainbow Junkie - (2-39) passagewayI thought that it was quite a good choice as one looks forward to a new year.

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