Photo Challenge – Game

Although the photograph for this first week is in colour, as it contains no colours as such but only black and white, it seemed a good bridge between my earlier concentration on monochrome photography and this new challenge.

Photo Challenge - GameFor those who are interested there is a story below about my getting what I needed for this photograph. The short version is that when it came the topic of ‘game’ I wondered what to photograph. Some sort of game perhaps! Then I remembered a game I had written years ago called “Z-Files”. So just for fun I decided to include a photograph of a scene from that game. The scene is of the main character ‘Wolf Mouldie’ in his apartment getting ready to go to work.

The longer Story

Once-upon-a-time there was a girl who was very fond of computers and electronic gadgets and she bought herself a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant to you!) which she thought was wonderful because no longer did she have to carry an address book and a diary; this could do both. It also had a calculator and you could play games and read books on it as well!

She even found an amazing game called “Kyle’s Quest” which was an RPG (Role Playing Game) and the best thing about it was that it was designed so other people could write their own games called ‘levels’ to use with it. So she wrote two games herself: “Time Fracture” and “Z-Files”.

Now she also loved the internet and had taught herself HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) and decided what could be better than to have her own web site to help other people who played or wrote levels for Kyles Quest. And so it was.

This was in the days of ‘Geocities’ and she positioned her site appropriately. But times moved on. Geocities became Yahoo and Yahoo eventually stopped providing for the Geocities sites. Although she still had her PDA she moved on to Kyle’s Quest 2 (in colour!) and found that some of the games she wanted to play crashed a lot. Kyle Poole who had written the original game moved on to other things. Eventually she decided she was unlikely to play Kyle’s Quest anymore, so when she moved to Windows 10, she deleted all the Kyle’s Quest Files to keep things simple. She had already emptied the ringbinder that had all her notes and drawings for the games she had designed.

But then when she thought of what to photograph for this prompt she remembered Kyle’s Quest and thought it would make a fun photograph.

On the off-chance she used Google to search for Kyles Quest and her Z-Files game and lo and behold, not only did she find what she needed to reinstall Kyle’s Quest she also found a working clone of her original site!!!!!! (though it lacks the background textures for the original pages) with all the original files she had provided.

Joining with

Cathy from Nana Cathy

Sandra from Wild Daffodil

Melissa from The Aran Artisan

Photo Challenge

16 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Game

  1. That’s a very cool story – and the game looks good too! I would have loved to have done this; the furthest I got was writing a Choose Your Own Adventure type script when I was about 14. Impressive!!


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