December Montage

Before I look back I want to say “Happy New Year” to you all!

In December I continued my photographic installments concerning my Danube cruise: covering Budapest by day and the food. I also did a retrospective post though that is not really represented in this montage. December montageI shared how I made some mincemeat for Christmas and later the Stollen I made and the finished mince pies.

I showed you the finished crochet bookmark angel cards and some origami ones.

Wished everyone a Happy Christmas. Then looking forward to the New Year published a list of topics for a photo challenge and gave a quick update on my crochet blanket.

5 thoughts on “December Montage

    1. My standard size of all the pictures on my blog is 600 x 400 or 600 x 600. To make a montage I open one or two photographs from each post into my graphics programme (Photo Paint part of Corel Draw) and then I copy and paste them into a large new plain white image. I rearrange them until I can find some way to fit them together into a pleasing arrangement. I use a subset of the chosen photographs and go back and choose others if I need a different shape to get them to fit. It tends to be a three by three basic sort of arrangement. I then use a mask 1800 x 1800, and make it a little smaller if necessary, and copy the pictures without any white to a new document; then resample it down to 600 x 600 and voila a new montage!


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