Origami angel cards

Finished card

You would think with my lack of dexterity that I would steer clear of Origami but in spite of the problems I have folding the paper accurately, I just love it.

When my first child was born I made her a mobile out of origami which had a green frog, a purple fish and two different birds in yellow and red. The frog is one of my favourites.

Here is one I made when I was trying to get my granddaughter interested.Origami including frog

I realise that it is quite a long time since I have done any origami as I tend to make things when I see a need for them. Well now I saw a need for some angels for my Christmas cards that could be made in less time than the crochet ones.

I have two lots of origami paper. This my original pack. Original origami paper And a fancier set I bought later. Newer origami paper This has three sizes of paper and the orange and red angels were made in the largest size to make it easier but I made the angels for the cards with the smallest size.

I went on the internet and found many angels including this site http://www.origami-resource-center.com/angel.html which had very many different ones. I decided to try the eighth on the list by M Bright. Which you can see here made in orange. Orange angel The instructions say to use half a square – a right- angled equilateral triangle sort of half – but I simply folded the paper in half for speed.

I also liked the angel I found here –http://www.lastufka.net/lab/misc/angel.htm I made this one in red with another large sheet and although it was too big I decided that was the one I would choose,Red angel both because it was easier to make and also because I prefered the way it looked.

These were both made late in the evening as quickly as I could.

And here are the finished angels that I made the next day. Four angels As you can see I did have difficulty with the head and I still haven’t got my head! round the right way to do it.

If you look at the link above you will also see that I chose to fold down the point at the top.

Here are the four cards completed.Four cardsI expect that you can see in the top photograph if not these that I forgot to remove the dot that told me where to make the hole for the other cards. I put this down to the sense of time pressure I am under but it would have seemed wasteful to reprint for so small a mistake.

20 thoughts on “Origami angel cards

  1. They look wonderful and thank you for the links, I’m going to give Origami a go. Most of the origami paper I saw for sale in Japan was patterned, it seems most here is plain – interesting. You could stick or draw a little star over the hole if you wanted to disguise it. Have a Happy Week!


  2. Those angels are lovely. When my son was in the 5th grade his teacher loved origami and for a project had the class make a hanging ornament with origami cranes.
    I still have his. It’s quite long with 5 or 6 strands each strand has or had 10 cranes on it. She had them use Christmas wrap. It’s quite beautiful, even today a bit beat up from years of storage, age, and tangles.

    I wish I could remember the meaning of it, but it’s been so long ago now. My son is in his 30’s now. So, it must be close to 25 yrs! 🙂 I hope your Grandchildren enjoy the time spent with you and treasure it, and the angels.

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    1. I was in Japan recently and as far as I could tell cranes have a couple of meanings (probably more in different circumstances). The story goes that if a person makes 1000 cranes and then makes a wish, their wish will come true. Cranes are also given as presents for ‘longevity’ – my post if you would like to take a look: https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/2015/11/11/crane/
      The ornament you describe sounds wonderful. Wishing you a happy holiday season. xx

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