Danube Adventure – Retrospective

What are the main thoughts that stay with me at the end of the cruise?

(None of the photographs here will be new. Just a recap.)

A sense of amazement at this * * * * * living. Five star livingA wonder that most of the building s we saw, even if they had a history that went way back, had been rebuilt more recently, especially during the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. Like here in Bratislava.Bratislava castleor Melk Abbey. Melk Abbey

The width of the river Danube. Even when we were furthest from the sea in Linz.The Danube at LinzAnd the size of the buildings in the cities. BuildingsAnd how ornamented they were. Ornamented buildingespecially some of the roofs. Ornamental roofsHow Baroque the inside of most of the churches were. Baroque church

And how beautiful the Budapest parliament building was Budapest parliament buildingespecially at night. Budapest parliament building at nightAnd climbing up the path to Durnstein castle Climbing up the path to the castleThe only really ‘old’ place we visited. Durnstein castleAnd the beautiful Wacau Valley.Wacau valleyThis is now my final post on this cruise. I hope you enjoyed coming with me. Next summer, the only holiday I have planned will be in Dorset. Lots of walks and no cities!

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