Angel Christmas cards

I really feel that I could do with some way of lighting the items I want to photograph in a more even way and even if it is dull outside. However I have packed up all my Christmas cards now so this will have to do.

I shared with you the pattern for the angels I was making for my Christmas cards and now I will share with you the making of the final cards. Finished card Here is the final card and this is how I put them together.

First an aside. Several years ago I got a pair of folding scissors in a Christmas cracker and ever since then I had it on my key ring and it was very useful when I was out, especially when crocheting on the bus or Friday ‘Crafty Coffee’ mornings.

BUT then I lost my keys and thus the scissors!

Now for years I had wanted a Swiss Army knife but had never got around to it, partly because of the cost and partly because I could never decide which one I would buy. Now I decided that I would finally buy myself one with a scissors. The choice was really between the Climber and the Compact, as although I liked the idea of the magnifying glass on the Explorer it was a bit too chunky. In the end I bought the Climber because on Black Friday it was available locally at a good price and it is always good to see something before you buy it.

One of the things that the knife came with I wasn’t sure I would use but in fact it was the ideal tool to help with assembling my Christma cards.

And that was the ‘reamer’. Reamer I used it to make a hole and pull the loop at the end of the cord through the hole.

Here you can see an angel and a card, Angel on card the dot is to guide me as to where to make the hole.

And here is the reamer all ready to be used to pull the loop through the card. Pulling through cord Here is the inside when I had fixed the angel in place with a piece of cord securing the bottom of the robe to the loop. Inside of card These pictures were taken the other day when I was in a hurry to make a couple of cards to send abroad. On Sunday I finished the other twelve cards and here you can see all twelve angels. Twelve angels And the twelve finished cards. Twelve cardsOriginally I was intending to make more angels but pains in my wrists and lots of problems to sort out meant that I only made seventeen (including the three for the Giveaway). So for a few people that I wanted to give home-made cards to I have folded some origami angels to go on the same cards. I will share these with you next week when I have made the cards and taken some photographs.



18 thoughts on “Angel Christmas cards

  1. Those are lovely! I used to carry a swiss army knife all the time when my children were little just for the scissors. Whenever we bought something new for them they’d want to play with it or wear it straight-away. Having the scissors handy let me get the packaging and labels off quickly. so they didn’t have to wait until we got home.
    I don’t carry it in my purse or bag anymore, but it’s not far. I keep one in my glove compartment in the car, and one in my kitchen.

    FWIW- For more even lighting try top down lighting, or a simple reflector on the opposite side of your light source. A small white foam core board or white poster board make great reflectors.


    1. Thanks for the tips re lighting. I normally use the lighting coming through the patio door downstairs or use the window sill in my study. So it’s brighter and better colour than a light bulb but very directional. I keep some of the white foam that comes when you buy things so I must try your reflection idea to stop one side being darker.

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      1. If you’re interested in looking- Here’s a simple set up shot and the end result using white and black poster board, and two lights.

        You don’t need the Speedlight another clamp light positioned to bounce off a wall, or ceiling would do the same thing.

        But, with one light: artificial or natural, and a reflector (light modifier) you can create some really great images. I use this set up a lot, but don’t have any images of it. 😦

        Finished image:
        Without you...what's the point?

        Set-up shot:

        The internet has tons of tutorials on one light w/reflector tutorials too.

        Best of luck!


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