Danube Adventure – Budapest by day

As in many other places we were taken around the city by coach and really taking pictures from a moving coach is rarely successful. So most of the pictures I have for you were taken when we were dropped off by the Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias church and left to our own devices for a while. This of course is 1n the Buda half of the city because Budapest, as you may know, was originally two towns on opposite sides of the Danube that only merged into one in 1873.

But first here is a photograph of the parliament building on the Pest side, not as enchanting perhaps in the day, but still beautiful.0417-parliamentbuilding As I said, the area where we were deposited was near to a construction called the Fisherman’s Bastion. 0417-fishermansbastionAlthough what you can see is relatively recent, apparently the name goes back to the time when this part of the city was defended, when necessary, by the guild of fishermen.

Now it is a restaurant but we were told that if we went in very quickly and took a photograph of the view no one would mind. So that is what I did. 0417-budapestlongviewYou can see the parliament building on the other side of the river among other things.

Near the Fisherman’s Bastion is a large statue of St Stephen, the first king of Hungary. 0417-ststephenstatue0As our time in Budapest was limited since we only arrived at 2.30pm, I do not have as  many photographs to share as other places, so I will include more detail than I would have done otherwise. Here is a closer view of the statue. 0417-ststephenstatuecloserThis area also includes the Matthias church (church of Our Lady) which is really beautiful. 0417-matthiaschurchHere is another view taken slightly to the left. 0417-matthiaschurchotherviewAnd a closer view of the roof. As I mentioned in Vienna, I really liked these ornamental roofs. 0417-churchroofIn this photograph you can see a raven on top of one of the towers. Not a real one of course!

The raven is part of a story concerning the king Matthias and he holds a golden ring in his beak. 0417-ravenandringIn this area there was also a plague monument. I remember reading about these in a book by Frank Tallis (a murder mystery set in Vienna.) But they obviously had them here in Budapest as well and this was the first time I was able to get a decent picture of one. 0417-plaguemonumentThey were erected as a thanksgiving to God for the ending of a plague.

Although my daughter and I went out the next morning for a quick bit of shopping (on the Pest side) before we were taken to the airport for our return flight, I didn’t take any more photographs. However I will leave you with a daytime photograph of the Freedom Statue (also on the Buda side) that I had taken from the ship when we arrived.0417-freedomstatueMy last lot of photographs next week and these will be about food!

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