Fish bookmark revisited.

Not being happy with either of my earlier attempts to make a Christian fish bookmark. Bruges lace style fishFilet crochet fish bookmarkI decided to have another try. I decided that the rectangular shape worked best but that the fish needed to be in a contrasting colour to show up. I tried to do this with the filet crochet but it was not at all satisfactory, so I switched my attention to tapestry crochet.

I started out with DK yarn as I often do, even though it would be much too big. DK yarn version of fish bookmark Having felt that this showed promise I then tried out a small version in #10 thread.

Just the minimum length to include my ideas. First attempt at bookmarkIt is possible to make the back look pretty much perfect but I decided that this was good enough. Other side of bookmarkHowever I decided that I would really like a lighter colour and found a blue/green mixture on the internet that looked appealing but didn’t want to buy it on-line if I could get it locally because of the cost of postage.

I went up to Winchester that is the nearest place I know that has a good selection of crochet cotton but I couldn’t get exactly what I wanted and came back with this instead. Crochet cotton It was lighter in colour than I would have liked but I made this? Second attempt at bookmarkWhat do you think?

I think I would make the fish a bit longer next time. I am not sure why it is so short, maybe I miscounted!



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